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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Shrinking fabric handmade flower embelishements

This card was inspired by one of the cards in the new CTMH Idea Book.

The flower embelishment is made with some fabric scraps that I had from dresses made for my daughter when she was little. 
- Starting with rough circles cut from the fabric a little larger than what you want the end product to be.
- Use a small dowel or pencil, something that will not melt, to hold the centre of the cirle down, and quickly "hit" it with heat from an embossing gun. Play a little with it, each type of fabric can handle a different amount of heat.  It's really cool to see out the fabric shrinks up and puckers...
- Then simply stack a bunch together and sew a button on top.  I used a little piece of cardstock on the back to sew through so that I had something to glue down to the card.

Here's a picture of a pile of "shrunk" circles.  Don't they look just like a bunch of flower petals?

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